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    4 big problem
    High use cost
    At present, most of the logistics equipment in the logistics industry is lead-acid battery forklifts. Lead-acid batteries charge slowly and usually need to be equipped with spare batteries, which increases the operating cost of enterprises.
    Difficult Routine Maintenance
    Another big disadvantage of lead-acid battery forklift is that it needs to carry out daily maintenance, the battery needs to add distilled water regularly, and the battery needs to be replaced every day, and the human and material costs are high.
    Difficult charge management
    Lead-acid battery forklift charging needs to establish a special charging room or charging area, which increases the construction cost; Moreover, the charging time is slow, generally requiring 6-8 hours, which greatly affects the operation efficiency.
    Potential environmental pollution
    Lead acid battery is easy to form acid fog when working, which will affect the environment and human body. Hydrogen emission during charging, potential pollution and safety risks.
    Industry solutions
    Customize the solution
    Full customer needs urgent customer demand choice space
    LIEBO use their own advantages for different industries and working conditions to provide customized products; To deal with daily operations and differentiation needs. With a full range of more detailed material handling comprehensive solutions; Help modern enterprise customers improve efficiency.
    Cold storage
    Cold storage forklift, as the name implies, a forklift used in cold storage. First of all, the impact of low temperature environment on battery, the lower the temperature, the smaller the actual available capacity of battery, so usually cold storage forklift will be equipped with large capacity battery. Under normal circumstances, the battery capacity of low temperature environment is only 80% of that of normal temperature environment, so the battery of cold storage forklift and the battery of normal temperature environment should be large. Secondly, the forklift truck works alternately in the normal temperature environment and low temperature environment, which is easy to produce condensed water, thus causing damage to the forklift truck components. Therefore, the requirements of the cold storage forklift truck in the production process are more strict, and special waterproof and anti-freezing grease should be used to cover the body, so as to protect the body and the interior from corrosion. Then the humidity in the cold storage forklift is large, the ground is slippery, and there will even be ice. In this case, the forklift must have good anti-skid ability. Cold storage forklifts are generally equipped with special skid tires. In addition, the low temperature environment will also affect the hydraulic oil and hydraulic high-pressure hose, hydraulic oil in low temperature environment is easy to thicken, hydraulic tubing is easy to become brittle, so the cold storage forklift must also be equipped with special hydraulic oil and high pressure tubing.
    With the development of world economy, especially the development of the petroleum, chemical industry and increase of varieties of chemical raw materials, the place, in production, transportation and storage of the explosive gas safety place are also constantly expanding, in order to ensure the safe and efficient production, prevent the explosion of storage and transport vehicles and the application of the forklift truck, has been more and more get the attention of the countries all over the world. Explosion-proof balanced heavy battery forklift truck has also become the market is extremely needed electric products, on the basis of summarizing and comparing domestic and foreign laws and regulations related to explosion-proof requirements and performance of similar products, summarizes the experience and absorbing advantages of the development of explosion-proof products. The car is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the national standard GB19854 "General rules of Explosion-proof Technology for Industrial Vehicles in Explosive Environment", while referring to European and American and international standards. It is mainly used for loading, unloading, handling and stacking in petroleum, chemical industry, textile, paper making, paint making, pharmaceutical, military factory, ammunition warehouse and dangerous goods warehouse where there are explosive items.
    In addition to using the fork as the most basic working tool, forklift can also be developed and equipped with a variety of replacement tools according to user needs. Such as side moving device, sanitation equipment, clamping device, rotary, bucket clamp, string rod, hook, cargo bucket, etc. The main parts of common forklift fittings are: fixed parts - bracket, working device, working cylinder, hose rolling in and rolling out device. Simple tools: hoist arm, string bar, oil drum pliers. Complex fittings: bucket, fork sleeve, boom, flat clip, paper roll clip, pick bar, bucket clip, push-out device, log clip, lifting arm, carton clip, soft clip, lateral shifter, tipping fork, forward fork, full free lifting fork, etc..
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